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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boys of summer...and spring and winter and fall....

I realized after my last post that I've not posted a picture of myself with makeup.

So I went searching around on my home computer - because I keep most of my photos on my work computer where I have better photo software - and found one from last spring.

That was my boyfriend at the time; he was a nice guy but really... well, really bland for lack of a better term. He later admitted to me that he didn't have much experience with dating (at age 40!).

He had horrible taste in clothes, furniture and in general. And he had no idea! I have no idea how you tell someone who just bought new furniture that it's ugly and uncomfortable. But the matching couch and loveseat - the reclined of course - looked like bad brown vinyl even though he swore that he paid a lot for nice leather. He also dressed really weird, wearing acid washed old jeans and a moonrise t-shirt or plain collared shirts. He was willing to take me to the symphony and the muny - in fact when I broke up with him I found out he'd bought season tickets to both for us....oops. He was also not so good in bed. I mean he wanted to learn; but I'm done with teaching. I've "trained" my share of guys, thanks.

As my niece said, vanilla is nice but I need a little more spumoni. He was willing to do stuff I liked; but seemed to have no passion to do anything other than take photos. He didn't follow the news, he didn't watch tv; he spent all his free time editing photos or going to the botanical garden and taking photos of flowers. He was crushed when I told him I was breaking up with him; and the guy I dated next turned out to be a big loser.

He wasn't bland; but he was laid off from his local freight delivery job and so I bought dinners and alcohol; unless I wanted to drink MGD from a tallboy can. But he was least until I realized that we'd never go to the muny or the symphony or probably even shakespeare in the park. Oh, but surely you could trade "favors" for those things, you say. Nope, he wasn't really interested. He disliked being in a relationship - calling to make plans for the next day was smothering - and he really wasn't into sex.

So hopefully, I've found a happy middle ground now. This guy doesn't like to go out to eat; but can be coaxed into it. He has a variety of hobbies and loves to do spur of the moment things; but appreciates when we make tentative plans so we don't miss out on stuff. I don't want to jinx it; but I will say he makes me happy. I guess that's all we really want, huh?

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