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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Service Disservice

So I got home yesterday to discover that the A/C service hadn't apparently been done. Now, I wasn't sure what they were doing so I had removed the filter and figured when I came home to find a filter that was proof they'd been there. There was no filter and the outside unit didn't look like it had been cleaned either. I dutifully took my pooch to Tower Grove park with me; where he peed on a variety of trees and thankfully didn't pee on anyone's stuff. He got a lot of love and attention from bystanders just like any small fluffy dog gets attention. It was interesting that he recognized my boyfriend from last summer and totally considered him to be "one of his people group" and whined every time he walked our way. Good thing we're on good terms!

This morning when I got to work I had a voicemail on my cell phone. (I don't get phone service in the elevator and it's not uncommon for me to get off the elevator to discover I have voicemail) It was the HVAC guy telling me that he'd be at my house this morning so could I lock up my dog. He called at 8:30 in the morning....Seriously? I called him back to notify him that I expected him yesterday and was already at work. He said he didn't get to it yesterday but it was no big deal, he could just come tomorrow. How does he get to decide if it's a big deal?

Since when do you just inconvenience people like that? I've never had a service person be that disrespectful. Geez! I told him to come in the morning and I'd put my dog in the bedroom when I left for work. I'm headed to a doctor's appointment with my dad in the afternoon so I'll swing by the place and let Oscar out of doggy jail. It means I have to come to work a little early; but I'm not putting him in the bedroom all day again.

It was actually kind of funny when I got home; he bolted from the room into the living room the moment I opened the door. Getting him to go back in there without phsically carrying him in the room should be interesting tomorrow morning.

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  1. I can't count the amount of times that someone in the service industry has promised to be at my house at a certain time, and then just doesn't turn up. So frustrating. Hope it all got fixed.