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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Gilded Dog Cage

My landlord called me yesterday afternoon and left me a message that he would be sending out maintenance to do A/C service today. He was notifying me because I have a dog.


Taken on a rainy Saturday this month when I caught him napping under my throw on the couch. He wasn't sure why I was waking him up; but I suspect he hoped it was to go out.

So I had to shut him into a bedroom all day. Clearly, as illustrated above, he prefers to spend the day on my couch. Actually, I have no idea what he does when I'm gone. I know that there are toys in different spots than when I left and I've heard from some of  my friends who have dogs that he is in the window a lot looking out. We think he's part Tibetian Spaniel, and apparently sitting on a lofty perch watching the world outside is a common trait to those dogs. I had to choose what room to shut him in. I don't go in my spare bedroom much, even though that's where my yarn is stored and I do have a desk with a desktop computer in there. But I really only go in my bedroom to sleep and change clothes.

I chose the spare bedroom because he can get up on the bed and see out to the front (where he normally looks out) and to the side where there is a bench and some grass. I feel bad, although I remember a lot of times when I had to kennel my previous dog, Rex, and he spent most of the day in a much smaller space.

I do find that St. Louis is a pretty dog friendly town. Not as much as other places I've lived; but most people on the west side where I live seem to like and/or have dogs. I found it interesting when I was dating a guy from South county that people down there didn't seem to like dogs and were amused that I walked my dog even though my guy had a yard.

Tonight is softball in Tower Grove park and I plan on taking my dog with me. I figure that the smells and sights should make up for locking him in a room all day, no?

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