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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Competitive fireworking

So I grew up in North County where we didn't have legal fireworks. But I've found that working in a city is very different from living there as a kid. The lunch table and after lunch discussion today was about fireworks. Not about what city has better ones - no. The discussion was Illinoisians talking about how dangerous fireworks are and who in their right mind would shoot them off or spend money for an hour long "show" of big fireworks. The opposing view was from people who live in Missouri but outside St. Louis, talking about how awesome fireworks are and how lame it is to go to public shows.

Having done both, I see both points. I haven't lived somewhere before where there's such a strong division between fireworks factions. Each group wanted to prove themselves right - and really was into their side of the arguement.

Seriously, is that all there is to talk about after a three day weekend? Boring.....

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