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Monday, July 12, 2010

Geographically challenged.

I admit it; before I moved to the East Coast I didn't really know where all the states were. I knew South Carolina was in The South but I didn't know it was on the coast. It's the same way that my coastal friends think of the midwest - or the flyover states if they're weren't playing nice. They don't know exactly which states are which, but they know the general area. Tonight I told a lady at the gym that I was headed to Kentucky Lake for vacation. She asked where that was. I replied "Kentucky, south of Paducah." She gave me a blank stare and asked if it was close. Seriously? You don't know where Paducah is? She's excused - kind of - because she grew up on the east coast and so Kentucky is just another flyover state.

PS, I was nice to her and explained it was a little over three hours and was actually created by damming up the Tennessee river and was quite pretty. The lake at least, I've never been to Paducah.

PPS Kentucky lake is in a dry county so we have to bring all our booze and beer with us. It's kind of surprising we haven't been to Paducah since they have bars. Clearly we're well planned drunks!

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