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Friday, December 3, 2010


It's odd how divorce seems to touch everyone you know at some point. When I got divorced, I was young - in my early 20's. No-one I knew was divorced yet and I recognized that I married someone who just wasn't the right one for me. We met in college and we broke up once only to reunite two years later. I worked and went to school and was involved in organizations. He was in a fraternity and heavily involved in rugby. In fact, I spent a lot of weekends taking pictures like these:

I loved taking pictures and he loved playing rugby. When we graduated though, I was ready to move on from our college life and play house. I wanted to do stuff together and we both wanted a house so we bought a house that needed work. After all, we were both engineers....right?

He still wanted to play rugby every weekend so not a lot got done around the house. He didn't have much to offer me as far as affection or common interests

But I digress....

One of my good friends from highschool who I reconnected with when I moved back here emailed me today to tell me her parents are getting divorced. Let me rephrase that: Her parents, who have been married 45 years and who really don't have much in the way of money or income, are getting divorced. He met some woman online (who is also married, although her husband is dying of cancer so that's better) (NOT) and when my friend asked what he wanted for his upcoming birthday - she took her mom to Europe - he said he wanted to go to Vegas...alone. Turns out he was hooking up with this woman and now she's moving here so they can live together.

I never thought they'd get divorced and I'll admit I sat at my desk with my mouth hanging open for a good bit. Her mom has no money and not much income and their current house is in the hood so it's not a source of income. Her dad is being a total shit. But ya know... I'll bet my ex's family probably thought that about me. They probably still do. I guess my brother was right when he said there are two sides to every story when mom told him about my divorce. It just seems like sometimes, one side is a little harder to understand.

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