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Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter musings

I have come to the realization that owning a TransAm somewhere that is snows regularly may not be a smart decision. I bought my car when I lived in Charleston, SC - it doesn't ever really snow there. (When it snows a leeetle bit they shut down the bridges and roads anyway.) I might be a slow learner because it's taken me 4 winters to realize this. I think I'm just tired of being stuck at home when it snows - probably the fact that I need new back tires so the sliding is extra special has helped bring this decision on.

On the way to work this morning, while driving on the lovely dry highway, I passed a tow truck. It was a nice tow truck. It was kind of a pretty brown color with the name of the company written in a script on the side. It made me wonder if you're better off being towed by a company that has nice trucks or one that has old trucks. Does the former mean that they charge more or just that they take care of their shit? Does the latter mean that they're a bargain or that they're cheap bastards?

The City of St. Louis is notorious for not cleaning their streets off well. My boyfriend's street isn't ever really plowed and eventually the snow just gets kind of packed down. Luckily the cross street is sort of plowed - they don't plow down to the pavement or anywhere near it but they knock the high spots off the snow. However, the worst part of my drive in this morning was the parking garage. It's owned by the city as well. Now, I'm used to the street leading to the parking garage not being plowed. It was very snow packed this morning and I was grateful I didn't slide into the gate. The "fun" part was that they hadn't salted inside the garage either. In fact, it looked like they might be understaffed because there wasn't anyone in the office - there was just the lone ticket taker at the exit. I slid around every corner and had to put it in low to climb every ramp. It was just like ice skating in a 4000# plus hunk of steel.

Lastly, I wore my old merrell boots in this morning. With the Superfeet insoles, they're pretty warm and dry. However, I need to remember that the shoes I carry into work will be really cold when I get here. Wow!

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