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Thursday, June 21, 2012

House hunting shouldn't be this hard

A friend of mine at work told me house hunting shouldn't be that hard. After all, they pretty much stand still and let you walk right up on them, right?


I'm going tonight for the second round of showings in the city. The SoHa and Noha ones went ok. But out of six houses, I'm only leaving one on the list. One was cheap, but totally trashed.... way too much work. One was flipped but the kitchen was done weirdly. The rest of it was nice and they used nice materials in the kitchen, but they didn't connect the fridge with the counter that held the sink or either one of those with the counter that held the stove. They didn't want to cover up the bottom of the windows. Weird.

Tonight we're travelling all over the city from Southwest Garden all the way down to Holly Hills.

Wish me luck.... Hopefully one of these six will be a keeper!

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