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Monday, June 25, 2012

Still looking

Ugh, I didn't find anything last week. We trooped through about 6 houses and none of them were even something I could live in. Maybe I'm being too picky.... Everyone tells me I'll just know when I walk into the right house; but everything just seemed so wrong about all the houses. Small closets, no parking, no bathroom on the main floor, musty basement. I feel like all those are things I just can't compromise on.

I love the Holly Hills area. I found a great house there (in my price range even!)

3905 Bowen Street, Saint Louis MO
Great except it needed A/C - including ductwork, it needs a total kitchen redo, it needs a bath redo because there's no shower and the tuckpointing is horrible.

Then I saw a house that had been flipped this winter. I had all that done.
 In fact I thought the kitchen rehab looked amazing

But they didn't do anything with the windows and the varnish was old and charred and some panes were broken and the hardware was missing on some so the upper sash didn't stay up. Plus, it was freaking hot upstairs! If you just put in A/C shouldn't you have done it so it cools the whole house?

I did see a few houses on Sunday with my mom.

One on Miami was nice but it has no parking - you'd have to tear down the back fence and build a carport/garage - then rebuild the fence.

One on Sutherland had closets only as wide as the closet door. Weird.

We saw one in Affton that I liked, but I think that's too far from everything for me.

Geez, I can't quit staring at that kitchen on Marwinette. I'm going to watch that one closely, I just have to decide if I really want to live all the way down in Holly Hills - its really far to my gym and my boyfriend.

Now if only a cool house in dogtown would come up instead of the crappy ones I keep seeing - what is up with St. Louis people cutting down all their trees? Some streets feel like the Sahara!

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