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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The American... I mean... The St. Louis Dream

This past week I had a friend tell me they had a neighbor who was putting their house on the market. Well, technically they didn't want to put it on the market but they'd already bought another house.  He said he'd talk to them if I wanted. I did because buying a house from a friend of the family is like living the St. Louis fabled life? Why?

Here's a hint:

Yeah, the house is on The Hill. In all my growing up years I heard stories of families passing down houses in that area. No house ever goes on the market on The Hill unless the people die without family; that's what we always heard. Ok, so that's an exaggeration.

Kind of.

I mean houses don't go on the market a lot there and this one is owned by a relative of the builder so I'm hoping it's in nice shape. I get to see it Saturday.

It's brick - duh - with a brick two car garage and room for a tomato garden in the yard. Yup, they actually added that. I'm trying not to be too excited. But, I kinda am.

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