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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Delay of game

I've been so excited about the house, it never bothered me that I hadn't really heard from the bank asking for additional information. They asked for a couple things right up front and I kind of thought that was it.

It wasn't.

They didn't review my file until this weekend. Dudes, they've had it four weeks! So I emailed them this morning asking what time my closing was and where was it... Since it's only a week away.

My loan officer called me and said he'd meant to call me yesterday but they needed some additional documentation and that would put my closing behind by a couple days up to a week. I kind of had a tight schedule for this all so a whole week would suck. I'm supposed to close next week and then in two weeks I've got movers coming to get all the stuff I haven't brought over. Then I've got two more weeks to clean my condo and move any incidentals. Somewhere in there I need to get someone to refinish the floors in the bedrooms and get roof vents put in and get somewhere on getting tile done in the bathroom. Oh, and I also have to paint the cabinets.

Now, obviously the only thing that has to be done before I move is the floors but I don't even know when I could do that since I don't know when my closing is. Especially since folks tell me that I should expect them to change the date at least once more. Apparently anything that they need means that the file gets pulled from underwriting and then has to go back through the process and get reviewed again. Now, I got them the things they needed about two hours after they asked. But I'm guessing that won't matter.

Geez! I've got a schedule here. Oh, I've also got stuff posted in Pinterest about the house.

Pinned Image
Stuff like this couch. I don't like the color but I love the style.

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