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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Returning calls *Updated)

Hey, the loan officer's boss just called me back to tell me they're declining my loan. After a good ugly cry, I called my boyfriend who gave me the name of his loan officer. Officially worst day ever.

I'm still trying to close on my house.

Hell, I'm trying to get a final loan committment from the bank.

Apparently, when they preapprove you it doesn't mean squat.

I talked to the Home Services Specialist last week and I called him yesterday, this morning, and this afternoon. My original closing date was tomorrow, but he said we may have to move it back to Friday or Monday. But the dude has quit returning my calls. If I don't hear in the next hour, I'm calling the main office number. Surely someone can give me an answer or go smack him upside the head for not returning my calls. Look, I get it. If you don't have an answer, it's painful to call someone back.

I've avoided calls before from applicants because I didn't have an answer yet. Maybe this is karma. However, and here's what has me worried, if you have bad news you also avoid calls. If I have to tell an applicant that the agencies aren't agreeing with their plan and we've got to review for the umpteenth time; I avoid calling them.

What if he hasn't called because they can't loan me money? I can almost pay for the whole house with a check - but not quite. But shouldn't that, and the fact that I have a job, count for something? I haven't defaulted on loans, I have a couple 30 days late payments but not a lot but come the FUCK on!

It's probably a good thing that their office isn't here; I'd be sitting in his office chair working by laptop so that I would annoy the crap out of him and he'd annoy underwriting.

I think I need a drink.

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