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Friday, August 24, 2012

Second verse (hopefully not) same as the first


Wednesday morning I frantically called several banks. I also had to tell my broker and the seller. Well, the seller wasn't happy but I understand that - I was pretty upset too!  It had been almost 7 weeks since BoA started the loan process and they're just now telling me they can't loan me money?

My broker got me a deal with a local bank. They could do a three year balloon type of loan and close in 10 days. This would make the seller happy and was kind of scary for me. But I'd have the house and I'd have time to get a conventional loan.

The seller gave me the name of a guy who did a friend's loan or their loan.... I wasn't really paying 100% attention since I was feeling kind of numb and not in my body and cried at the drop of a hat. I called that dude and he called me on the way home. I told him the whole sordid tale and said I wanted to know if they could loan me the money or not before I went through another seven week process. He said he'd get some basic information from me and it wouldn't take seven weeks. He could close in three weeks - tops.

So, it looks like I have another loan. Heartland Premier sent me all the paperwork today. The interest rate is .125% higher but they can close in 10 days. I'm not counting my chickens before they become loan commitments though. I'll check back with them on Tuesday morning and see if they have the appraisal scheduled and if I can get a loan committment letter from them. Because a verbal yes clearly doesn't mean dick in the banking world.

Yeah, it sucks that I have to pay for another appraisal. But I'll have the house early enough to do some painting before the movers come on the 8th. And...AND... I'll have a house.

Oh, the worst part? The loan processing POS at BoA couldn't even call me to tell me that they denied my loan. His boss called to tell me and even she kind of beat around the bush. Seriously, grow a fucking pair! Seven weeks of bullshit and you can't even tell me it's a no? How did they get to be "too big to fail" if they are such fuck-ups? He asked for the same information multiple times and apparently it takes 5 weeks for them to even open up the file. 

Bank of America, you denied my loan and I'm pissed; but I'm more pissed that your employees don't have enough professionalism to tell me or enough timely work practices to not leave me hanging on so long. I used to defend you to people, now I'm on the other side. I have no idea how you got so big, but if success in the banking industry is that easy, sign me up!

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