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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New year, New duties

I've decided to restart this blogging thing.

I'm still missing my dad, but the pain isn't a sharp daily hurt.

More like a dull ache in my heart.

Our work webpage is migrating and supposedly we're getting a bit more control to directly publish it. My branch chief wants me to take charge of this and I'm all for it. The pages look a lot like blogs with a main panel and side panels. We can do HTML or simple design editing just like on here; so I'm the likely candidate. Not that they know I have a blog, but I'm pretty sure no-one else in our office even knows what HTML is. Here's an office directory from a couple years ago. We are an odd group.

I don't really need more "other duties as assigned" but with work being down because of the economy, it'll be good to have something to keep me working. Plus, I think my bosses are all for it because if their underling volunteers for something it looks good on their year end review too. 

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