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Friday, July 20, 2012

Color my world

So I've heard back about the house. There were some issues that came up in the inspection I paid for.

This is a good time to point out that you always want to pay for your own inspection, but especially in the City of St. Louis. The city inspector didn't even go downstairs to the basement, or upstairs to the attic.


The sellers have agreed to fix all the issues and give me copies of the receipts.

Which means it's time to decorate the house in my head. I mean, I was already doing that a little. But I've lately developed an addition to Design Seeds. I actually had this bookmarked a long time ago; but now I've been actively searching for colors to paint my walls. Of course it helps that Sherwin Williams has this site called Chip It!. I can find a picture I like and click the Chip it! button on my IE toolbar and then I can see what Sherwin Williams paint colors correspond to the photo. 

I might be seriously addicted to decorating my house.

These are the leading contenders for my living room:

Pinned Image shell tonesunderwater color
(all from Design-Seeds)

I have a couch which is brown and light blue and I kind of don't want white or tan walls. But I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go orange or pink. But a Nemo colored wall kind of intrigues me.

These are the leading contenders for my kitchen:

(all from Chip-it)

I have cream counters and a really yellowy cream tile in the kitchen with stainless appliances and a multi tonal floor which has tans and greys. I really want a hot color in the kitchen but something about that fig picture kind of talks to me.

I even have this one marked:

Which I could use in the living room with the blue furniture, or in the kitchen with the cream tile. Ooo or maybe the dining room which is in the middle! Although I seriously like the last color on the Design-Seeds tile; why did Chip-It not pick up that one and instead pick gray?

Aaaand this one:
Pinned Image
From my my Pinterest (because I can't find it again on either of the other two sites)

Which I'd love in the living room; but that's kind of a bright pink. Who wants artificial sweetener package pink on the wall? Will people be in my living room and suddenly crave aspartame, or saccharine or something more horrible?  (I love diet soda/foods, please don't send the fake sugar cops after me.)

Seriously, how much fun is this? Hella fun, that's how much!

(This is ridiculous to say, but this post isn't sponsored by anyone, dude I'm lucky if the Sherwin Williams folks won't throw me out of the store after spending hours in there just touching paint chips.)

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