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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm a helper

Yesterday I stopped at St. Louis Bread Co for dinner. It's my favorite guilty pleasure at dinner time. I mean, it's healthy and all

or it can be if you order correctly: Eat Smarts

but I can make a salad and sandwich at home.

I think that might be the German housewife in me coming out.

My ex-husband's mother never understood wanting to go to Subway or any sandwich shop because she had bread and cold cuts at home. But then again, she also thought I should learn to churn butter. Of course, I'd love to churn butter now. It would be something I could add to my post-apocalyptic skill set (otherwise known as hobbies).

So Bread Co was pretty busy last night. Maybe the cooler weather had everyone actually willing to leave their car in a parking lot for a few minutes? As I waited a mother came up with a little girl on her hip. I have no idea how old. I'm bad at that kind of thing. She had three plates to pick up, two of which were kids meals; so I'd guess she had another little one at the table. I offered to help her carry them since she was already carrying a human being. The human being was trying to help by grabbing things off the plates as she attempted to stack them in one hand and carry them. She seemed pretty shocked and said she was fine.

She managed to get it all over to the table fine. But here's the kind of weird thing. My Bread co is a kind of friendly place where you're all standing pretty close to one another if you're waiting for food. When I went back to my place on the room divider, I felt everyone move a little away from me. I didn't see it, I just all of a sudden realized I had a lot of elbow room. I have a pretty big need for personal space, especially behind me. But it was weird to suddenly feel contagious. Were they worried I would offer to carry their sack to the car? Maybe they were worried I would talk to them?

Instead of accosting patrons and wresting their bags/plates from their hands I got my dinner and walked to my car. I like Brentwood but sometimes the suburbs have really weird people. I kinda look forward to finding out about city weirdos.

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