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Monday, September 10, 2012

Post Closing Letdown

I closed on my house last Tuesday. A friend of mine came over that evening and took a bunch of before photos for me.  Like this one:

Since then, I've been running nonstop. Shopping for paint, painting, packing, babysitting the movers, placing furniture... then, well there was supposed to be unpacking.

Not a lot of unpacking has happened yet. I still have the dining room to paint before I can place the china cabinet. There are a lot of boxes that go in my china cabinet so that's kind of overwhelming. Also, I kind of left the bedroom stuff until last. So that stuff was dumped into boxes and the thought of unpacking those boxes is horrifying.

I have a friend coming over tonight to help paint. Hopefully we can get the dining room done so I can start unpacking in that room. I still need to pack and bring over all my kitchen and bathroom stuff. All the stuff in my closets too. So I'm kind of living between both places. I'm sleeping at my condo on an Aerobed, and spending evenings at the house getting things painted and organized. Hopefully by this weekend, I'll be ready to move fully into my house.

Right now I'm just kind of tired and still anxious to get things done - although I feel like I could just go home and sleep until morning.

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